Admissions Procedure & Checklist

American Embassy School welcomes applications throughout the calendar year. The Admissions Team can help you decide when would be the best time to apply. Our Team is here to help you make the right choice for your child, even if you end up choosing another school. Ultimately, our goal is to set your child up for success.

We encourage you to submit all documents required to complete the application process. The admissions portal is where you can manage your child's application, log in and go through the checklist in detail to ensure all documents and application fee payment are submitted.

  • Online Application Form
  • Non-Refundable Application Fee USD 500
  • School reports/transcripts for the past two years and recent quarter or semester report (if any) - officially translated in English.
  • Picture of Applicant/s and Parents (in color and around the following size 2 × 2 inches, the background has to be plain white or off white)
  • AES Teacher Recommendation Form/s
  • AES Counselor or Administrator Recommendation Form (Grades 7 to 12 only)
  • Pre-Kindergarten Developmental Questionnaire
  • For Pre-Kindergarten - Drawing by Applicant
  • For Kindergarten to Grade 5 - Drawing and brief write up by Applicant
  • For Middle and High School Applicants (Grade 6 to Grade 12) - Student Questionnaire (completed by applicant in handwriting)
  • Submit copies of any special services evaluations. Educational-psychological, speech-language and occupational therapy, psychological, and neurological evaluations are required (if any)
  • Passport
  • Health Form

The Admission Team reviews only completed applications based on the enrollment situation at that time.

Note: The school reserves the right to reconsider an offer of admissions if undisclosed information becomes apparent.

Visa information - please ensure that your child has a valid visa to study at the American Embassy School.